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Who else does what

Additional Committee Members 2023:  Peter Leverett, David Lloyd, Barrie Jones, Jeff Harris, Marilyn Mowatt.

Accounts Examiners:  Alan Myatt, Sandra Gough

Almoner:  Margaret Bullock

Bar Committee:  Graham Kennedy + Pete McCoubrey, Alan Gough, Jean Bucket, Jeff Harris, Jim Bland.

Bonanza:  Wendy Cross

Bookshelf:  Alan Gough

Catering Supplies:  Graham Kennedy, Pete McCoubrey, Alan Gough

Club Competitions: Barrie Jones

Gardeners:  Sylvia Blackmore, Jean Buckett, Barrie Jones

Health & Safety:  Graham Kennedy

Memorial Hall Liaison:  David Lloyd

Monday Points:  Ruth Copp

Mowing Team: Roger Pitcher + Graham Kennedy, David Lloyd, Alan Myatt, Peter Leverett, Pete McCoubrey

Press Officer: Peter Leverett

Raffle Prizes:  Barrie Jones

Safeguarding:  Sue Reid

Website:  Alan Myatt

Winter Crib:  Wendy Cross