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Points Rules

Points is a competition for members, running for the whole season on Monday afternoons – but you don’t have to attend every week.  It is an ideal starting point for beginners to learn the game and the etiquette and to meet other club members.  Just turn up to play, no prior booking necessary.

The Organiser will generally pick teams randomly to play in either Pairs (2 versus 2, 4 bowls each), Triples (3 versus 3, 3 bowls each) or Rinks (4 versus 4, 2 bowls each) or a combination of these, but has the discretion to adjust team members to ensure reasonably balanced matches and to avoid, for instance, a team full of beginners.  Roles within the teams are rotated through the game, generally after every 4 ends, so that each player has a turn playing Skip, Lead etc.  Games are of 16 ends, with a break for tea mid-way through.

Please arrive by 2pm for a 2.15pm start.  An entry fee of £1 per week is payable to the Organiser, Ruth Copp in 2022, on arrival. 

The games played depend on the number of players present; the following table provides a guide for even numbers attending.  When there are an odd number of players, the organiser will use discretion and may create a game with uneven numbers of players on each side (e.g. 3 versus 2) with suitable adjustment to equalise the number of woods played by each team.

Players Present Format of Game(s)


1x Pair


1x Triple


1x Rink


1x Triple, 1x Pair


2x Triple


1x Triple, 2x Pair


2x Rink

Points are awarded as shown below.   The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the season, based on their 12* best weekly scores.  * This figure may be varied at the Organiser's discretion in the event that too few players have 12 or more attendances.

The prize is a magnificent trophy.


Achievement Score for each person in a team


1 point

Drawn match

1 point

Win by 1 - 5 shots

2 points

Win by 6 - 10 shots

3 points

Win by 11+ shots

4 points